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Concept and content: Harihar Panda
A journalist based at Bhubaneswar is quite passionate in searching the stories behind each and every Royal families in Odisha. He has visited most of the palaces in Odisha be it a princely state or a Zamindary. interacted the heads and important members of Each family & collected first hand information. He has taken photographs and requested the members to contribute old photographs in soft copy format. Many of the time the old photos hanged on the walls of the Palaces are captured in his camera and re produced. He hopes this effort will create awareness on the stories of Odisha Royalty and people will be attracted to visit the palaces to experience the same. Directly or indirectly it will be a part of promoting heritage tourism in Odisha.

Site development & management: Niranjan Patra
Niranjan is a pioneer in developing and hosting websites. For the last 15 years he is working in this field to promote different causes on portals. In this project he became excited at the first discussion and experimented with different templates. Then the present template is chosen and developed as per need. He is open for any comments and suggestions for the betterment of the site.

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The rich culture and heritage of the Empire of Utkal or Kalinga, has attracted many a kings from different corners of the great India. They came to visit Puri and have the blessings of Lord Jagannath and the Gajapati King of Odisha. Some of them have preferred to settle here by accepting the offers of Gajapati Kings and also by marring the daughters of local royal families. Due to these new settlements we can find different royal families related to the dynasties of north and South India in our state of Modern Odisha. History says: these loyal chieftains, kings and Zamindars in the past had offered military support to the King of Odisha to keep his empire intact. But due to attack of foreign entities and treachery of the small kingdoms inside, the Empirical rule of the Odishan Kings fell down and before the establishment of democracy this great prowess was only minimized only to a Zamindar. This can be well understood when we look to the pages of Puri & other Royal families further.

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