Princely state of BARAMBA

PuriDynasty: Chandra Banshi
Emblem: dog metamorphosed into a lion, a heraldic monster.
Area: 142 sq miles
Villages: 181
State status: 1894 Sanand
Population- 46688 (1937)
Annual tribute to British: Rs. 1398

Longitude: 20 degree 21 and 20degree 31 inch North and
Latitude: 85 degree 12’ and 85 degree 31’
State Boundary: Northby Hindol state, on the east by Tgiria state, South by Cuttack district and Khandapara state and on the west by Narasinghapur state.
Present Status: Sub division under Cuttack District
Distance from Bhubaneswar: 83 Km ( approx)

The Palace

The Present palace compound is situated on an area of 3 acres. On the left of the Palace temple of Goddess Sauruni situated aside a big pond. Goddess Mundabari worshipped at the back side of the palace along with her are believed to be the protector of this Royal family since inception. The informed the ruler of any attack from the opposition with some inauspicious symbols during statehood.
Puri The entrance gate of the palace is named as the Singha Dwar. Right of the gate, an old palace will attract the eyes for its architecture and antique look. Till the last designated ruler Narayan chandra Birabara Mangaraj Mahapatra it was treated as the state administrative building with arrangement of Darbar, civil courts, Govt offices, Raja's personal room and all. Family members also used to stay here, but Raja Narayan Chandra made a new palace for the family members near the temple complexes. After some days this became an administrative building, guest house etc. The palace experienced immoral activities like theft inside this main palace, so the members shifted some of the artifacts to the new building and continued to stay there.  Now this main building is in ruined condition, but it is true that this building will give a sense of British architecture of the 20's.
New building has also the flavor of medieval and British architecture. It is a half completed double storied building made up of fine red bricks, cement and limestone. After the traditional entrance gate there is a big courtyard with a Mandap. It is used as the Snana Mandap of Lord Jagannath.  There is a Sun Dial, used in its time to say the hours. Now if we can observe the time as per the sun's movement by marking the shadow on the dial.
The entire building is in a circular shape with a wide half circled open space to have proper ventilation. Portraits, trophies are hanged on this open space to give a glimpse on the family of Baramba. The Drawing room of the palace and other rooms are also decorated with antiquates that will attract any visitor's eye on first sight.
This State was ascended by India during the construction of the 1st floor and the members didn't put any attention for its progress. so it is now in a half made structure. But it's quite interesting to see the view. A beautiful ornamental cover is made with the impact of medieval Indian architecture.

Royals Family



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