Dhenkanal Princely State

DhenkanalDynasty: Bhoi Vamsha
Emblem: Fish
Area: 1463sq miles
State status: 1894 Sanand
No. of Salute:

Longitude: 20 degree 30 and 21degree 1 inch North and
Latitude: 85degree 15’ and 86 degree 5’
State Boundary: North by PalLahara & Keonjhar feudatory and Sukinda Zamindari in the Cuttack District, West by Angul district ans states of Hindol and Talcher. South by Baramba, Tigiria and Athagarh and by Balarampur, Madhupur, Darpani, Kalkala and Dalijor Zamindaris in the Cuttack District on the East.
Present Status: Head quarter of Dhenkanal District
Distance from Bhubaneswar: 90 Km ( approx)


Govinda Singh Vidyadhar, Maharaja of Odisha. He is a Rajput from paschim Rajputna came to puri to have a Darshan of Lord Jagannath along with his brother Harisingh singh and Janardan Singh Vidyadhar. Then they served under Gajapati Prataprudra Dev as a Bhoi or Revenue collector. Their dedicated service has impressed the Gajapati and he promoted Givinda Vidyadhar to the rank of Prime minister, Janardan to Financial minister and Harisingh to the position of Senapati or Commander.  After the fall of Prataprudra dev Govinda Vidyadhar assumed the reign and called himself as theGajapati Maharaja of Odisha.  

  1. Harisingh Vidyadhar – founder ruler of Dhenkanal
  2. Raja LOKNATH Rai Singh Bhramarbar Rai, 2nd Raja of Dhenkanal 1584/1615 or 1585/1606,
  3. Raja BALBHADRA Rai Singh Bhramarbar Rai,
  4. Raja NILAKANTH Rai Singh Bhramarbar Rai, 4th Raja of Dhenkanal
  5. Raja NRUSINGH Rai Singh Bhramarbar Rai, 5th Raja of Dhenkanal 1682/1708
  6. Raja KUNJA BEHARI Rai Singh Bhramarbar Rai, 6th Raja of Dhenkanal 1708/1728 or 1694/1720
  7. Raja BRAJA BEHARI Bhramarbar, 7th Raja of Dhenkanal 1728/1741 or 1720/1744
  8. Raja DAMODAR Rai Singh Bhramarbar Rai, 8th Raja of Dhenkanal 1741/1743 or 1744/1746
  9. Raja TRILOCHAN SINGH Mahendra Bahadur, 9th Raja of Dhenkanal 1743/1785 or 1756/1798
  10. Raja DAYANIDHI Mahendra Bahadur, 10th Raja of Dhenkanal 1785/1796 or 1788/1798,
  11. Raja RAM CHANDRA Mahendra Bahadur, 11th Raja of Dhenkanal 1796/1807 or 1798/1812
  12. Raja KRISHNA CHANDRA Mahendra Bahadur, 12th Raja of Dhenkanal 1807/1822 or 1812/1822
  13. Raja SHYAM CHANDRA Mahendra Bahadur [or Shyam Sundar], 13th Raja of Dhenkanal 1822/1832
  14. Maharaja BHAGIRATH Mahendra Bahadur, 14th Raja of Dhenkanal 1832/1877,
  15. Raja DINABANDHU Mahendra Bahadur, Raja of Dhenkanal 1877/1885, younger son of Raja Pitamber Deo of Baudh; married a Princess of Bonai, and had issue. He died 1885.
  16. Raja SHURA PRATAP SINGH Dev Mahendra Bahadur, Raja of Dhenkanal 1885/1918,
  17. Raja SHANKAR PRATAP SINGH Dev Mahendra Bahadur, Raja of Dhenkanal 1918/1965,
  18. Raja Kamakshya Prasad Singh Deo Mahendra Bahadur

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