Dhenkanal Princely State

DhenkanalDynasty: Bhoi Vamsha
Emblem: Fish
Area: 1463sq miles
State status: 1894 Sanand
No. of Salute:

Longitude: 20 degree 30 and 21degree 1 inch North and
Latitude: 85degree 15’ and 86 degree 5’
State Boundary: North by PalLahara & Keonjhar feudatory and Sukinda Zamindari in the Cuttack District, West by Angul district ans states of Hindol and Talcher. South by Baramba, Tigiria and Athagarh and by Balarampur, Madhupur, Darpani, Kalkala and Dalijor Zamindaris in the Cuttack District on the East.
Present Status: Head quarter of Dhenkanal District
Distance from Bhubaneswar: 90 Km ( approx)


History of Dhenkanal brings us back to the time of conspiracy in the Gajapati family of Odisha. During this era Odisha has witnessed a new dynasty named the Bhoi Vamsha due to the treacherous activities of the Royal courtiers at Cuttack. After the death of Gajapati Prataprudra dev in 1540, his minister Govinda singh Vidyadhar dethroned two Rajkumars named Kalua Deva and Kakharua Deva and ascended the throne in 1541. But his command could not last for long days. He was superseded by his nephew Raghubhanj Chhotray. Govind Vidyadhar’s son Harisingh Vidyadhar fled to Dhenkanal and settled there to establish a new state. So he is considered as the founder of modern Dhenkanal and the present Royal family.

After his arrival Harisingh Vidyadhar has to fought against Dhenka Savara, the ruler of this area and put him to death. It is said that Dhenka prayed before Harisingh to worship his head at the capital in future. Harisingh also accepted it and from that day a stone is being worshipped at west of the Palace of Dhenkanal named as Denka sabara munda. Now it can be seen near the Rang Mahal of the King’s palace of Dhenkanal State.

Hari sigh is may not be a sovereign king but he is considered as one of the several samantas of the King of Odisha. But he and his successors conquered many places and increased the periphery of Dhenkanal state. The rajas were titled as Bhramarbar rai and Smamanta singha by the Raja of Khurda.

During the pre- British era Raja Trilochan was also considered as a powerful chief under the Raja of Khurda. He received the Mahendra Bahadur title from the Khurda Raja during his ruling period 1756 to 1798.

As Dhenkanal is surrounded by powerful states and zamindaris this land has witnessed many a wars among the chieftains. The local poem Samar Tarang( war waves) describes the story of wars fought on trhe land on Dhenkanal. But Dhenkanal is treated as a powerful land for other chieftains. Some states wanted to keep a good relationship with the king of Dhenkanal by offering several gifts to the king. The king of Hindol has a tradition to offer Muan sweet to the king as a tradition. It is believed that this sweet offering tradition has brought a harmony among these two states. Till now it is also continuing in between these two royal families of Dhenkanal and Hindol.

Royals Family



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