Dhenkanal Princely State

DhenkanalDynasty: Bhoi Vamsha
Emblem: Fish
Area: 1463sq miles
State status: 1894 Sanand
No. of Salute:

Longitude: 20 degree 30 and 21degree 1 inch North and
Latitude: 85degree 15’ and 86 degree 5’
State Boundary: North by PalLahara & Keonjhar feudatory and Sukinda Zamindari in the Cuttack District, West by Angul district ans states of Hindol and Talcher. South by Baramba, Tigiria and Athagarh and by Balarampur, Madhupur, Darpani, Kalkala and Dalijor Zamindaris in the Cuttack District on the East.
Present Status: Head quarter of Dhenkanal District
Distance from Bhubaneswar: 90 Km ( approx)

Relationship with Boudh

Raja Bhagirathi Mahendra Bahadur was a lengthened ruler and ruled Dhenkanal from 1832 to 1877 as the 14th chief of the state under British rule.  He was a profound scholar of high Sanskrit learning. His state is seen to have more concentration on Brahmin Population. A large percentage of Brahmin Population in comparision to other Garhjats is seen at Dhenkanal during Raja Mahendra Bahadur’s rule. He has donated extensive Lakhiraj ( free land) to learned Brahmin family and induced them to settled down in his state. He has introduced British style of education and laid foundation for state building and infrastructure. He established Jails, Courts, hospitals, and schools and created his identity as an popular ruler. So the British administration offered him the title of Maharaja in 1869. He was also a good hunter and killed not less than 352 tiger.

He was heirless. So he adopted the younger son of Pitambar Dev of Boudh Raj family as his legal heir. He died in 1877 and his adoptive son Dinabandhu Mahendra Bahadur ascended the throne. But as per the provision he was not offered the Sanand as he was a minor during that period. But since then a new high cast Kshtriya family was started in Dhenkanal. Present family belongs to this dynasty.  He died in the year 1885 as minor king. But he was married and an issue. And he is succeeded by Raja Surapratap Mahendra Bahadur. Surapratap was also a minor in 1885 so the court of wards was continued till 1906 which was imposed from 1877.

Since Surapratap belongs to the Boudh family with Deva surname which distinguished himself as a higher Kshyatriya caste and started using it with the Dhenkanal title. From him the title of Sing dev is used along with Mahindra Bahadur Title.

Surapratap singdev Mahindra Bahadur married in 1902 to Rani Krushna priya devi of Tikayat Nrupraj Deo of Saraikela Royal family. He was invested with full ruling power in 1909. Surapratap was a visionary ruler and introduced new mechanisms in his ruling. To protect the Forest he indtroduced new forest act. He encouraged the good breeding practice of Horse and Bulls. Developed various kinds of arts and industries such as weaving, carpentry, works in finearts filigree, horn and ivory etc. He sent local talent to abroad to learn skillfull technical education. To protect old cows and bulls from butchers he started a sankarashram. Moreover he was a benevolent and public friendly king. Loans in the form of cash and crom were introduced from the state aswell as from the Amars of Rani Sahiba. Important projects for irrigation and agriculture productivity and industrial production were taken up by the state for increasing more employment. This act of the state were praised by the British political agents and the chief was called by the British administration in 1911 to the Delhi Durbar. He was honoured by the british Empire during that gathering.  Surapratap died in the year 1918 after12 years of successful ruling, and left behind six sons, mother and widow wife.  He has six sons and was succeeded by Sankar pratap Singdev Mahendra Bahadur in 1918.

Sankarpratap was a learned king and highly influential among the other royal family members. He was acted as the member of the Chamber of Princess in India. He was agreed to sign the merger agreement in 1947 with Union of India. After independence he was elected to the Odisha legislative Assembly and the Rajyasabha as a member. He married to rani Ratnaprabha devi, daughter of Pratap Aditya Singdev of Saraikela and has two sons. Kamaksya Prasad Singhdev Mahendra Bahadur and Pattayat Matru Prasad Singdev. 

World war and Dhenkanal
When the First World War broke out Raja Surapratap dedicated all his resources under the disposal of the British Empire as a token of his loyalty to the British. A war loan of Rs. 1lakh 41 thousand 438 has been tendered to the British Govt. Rs. 2000 has been supported towards buying an Aero plane, Rs. 11500 donated to the Imperial Relief Fund, Rs. 250 & Rs. 500 per month were contributed to Red cross and war purpose respectively, 4,500 towards general expenses, Rs. 12000 for Our day fund and 200 labour force has been sent to Mesopotamia to fight for the British Empire. Beside these contribution the state has also donated one motor Ambulance car to the British army towards war help.

Royals Family



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