Gangpur Princely State


The story of Odisha says a history of some thousand years ago. It has experienced a wide narration of valiant warfare, adoption of variant dynasties, insertion of public representation in monarchy and many more. Even during the English period the Feudatory system has gained an important role that has also put pressure in obtaining rights for its indigenous people. The post independent era has also witnessed a fair participation of royal family members i.e., kings, queens,  Pattayats, Chhotrays, Deewans and more in democracy. The infrastructures built during state time are still act as core houses for implementing development activities in our state. This article will focus on the establishment of Gangpur feudatory state and its role during the statehood and also re visit the infrastructures of that time. But many of them are still in a miserable condition. This attention may put a beam of light on them to spread our culture, conservation of history and promotion of participatory tourism.



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