Princely state of Hindol


Dynasty:Ganga Banshi
Emblem: dagger
Area: 312 sq miles
Villages: 234
State status: 1894 Sanand
No. of Salute: --

Longitude: 20 degree 29 and 20degree 49 inch North and
Latitude: 85 degree 6’ and 85 degree 30’
State Boundary: North and East by Dhenkanal, south by Barama  and Narasingha pur, west by Angul
Present Status: Sub division under Dhenkanal District
Distance from Bhubaneswar: 100 Km ( approx)

History & Folklore

The present story of Hindol Raj brings us back to the Reign of Telenga Mumunda Deba in Cuttack near about 1560 AD. He was the chief of Gajapati Army to protect the fort of Barabati at Cuttak being appointed by Gajapati Maharaja Prataprudra Deba.  As discussed in history of Puri family Pratap Rudra Deba's demise had put Odisha in havoc and one of his minister Govinda Vidyadhar cease the throne by killing both of his sons very intelligently. ( See Puri history). Three rulersof his Bhoi dynasty named: Govinda Vidyadhar, ChakraPratap and Narasingh Jena had ruled there.
Mukunda Deba ceased the throne with his three brothers by deposing Raja Narasingha Jena and installed himself as the soul king of Odisha. Some tribal chieftains from Laharagarh near Dhenkanal  Samanta Rajya informed about the chaos in their place and requested the maharaja to save their region from the Samal and Patra chiefs. Those had suppressed the Kondha tribe who were treated as the original tribe and rulers of their segments. To hold the reign strongly Mukunda Deba tried to interfere the matter and sent Udhhab Chandra Jenamani and Purna Chandra Jenamani of the Ganga Banshi  Khemundi Raj. Both of them were considered as the brave soldiers and supporters of Mukunda Deba.
They camped at Laharagarh with Pandita Dinabandhu Mishra and Bhaiga Uttarakabata. Politically they motivated the local Kondhs and waged war against the Samals and Patras. As a result they thrown away the former kings and started Ganga Banshi rule. Purnachandra made his younger brother Uddhab as the first Gangabanshi Raja of this region .
The family name for generations was Deba Jenamani or Deba Mahapatra but then changed to Mardaraj Harichandra and now they only use Singh Deo title like the Chauhan dynasty in Odisha. The rulers had got the titles like Maharatha, Narendra and Marddaraj Jagadev etc from the Maharaja of Odisha and Khurda afterward. 
It is said that Hindol was a corruption of Hidambaka, who acted as the Chief some years before. At the beginning, Uddhab Chandra acquired only two tracts like Iswarpal and Dudurkot. Later Bampa, Gurujanga, Sharadhapur, Purunakot, Tangigarh areas were included in the territory and the capital was established beneath the 2000 ft high Kanaka hill.
The Raja of Dhenkanal attacked Hindol during the reign of Raja Brundaban Singh Narendra and recovered the region of Dhenkanal being occupied by Hindol earlier.
In 1660, the fourteenth Raja Damodar Singh Narendra waged war with and took possession of some parts of Narasinghapur and found the new state capital at present Hindol Garh. Damodar ascended the throne in 34 years. He was keen in warfare and kept nearly 3200 soldiers in his state.  The Maratha Subadar  Chimna Sahu interfered in the war against Narasighapur and settled peace in this place.

Royals Family



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