Nilgiri Princely State

nilgiriDynasty: Naga Vamshi
Emblem: Lion, Cobra and Karala flower
Area: 278 sq miles
villages: 466
State status: 1894 Sanand
No. of Salute: --

Longitude: 21 degree 17 and 21degree 37 inch North and
Latitude: 86 degree 25’ and 86 degree 50’
State Boundary: North and west by Mayurbhanj, East and south by Balasore,
Present Status: Sub division under Balasore District
Distance from Bhubaneswar: 130 Km ( approx)

Present Raja

Raja Jayant Chandra Harichandan Mardaraj harichandan is considered as the 39th Raja of Nilgiri. He ascended the power in 30th May 2001 at the age of 45 years. Jayant Chandra is a very strong enthusiast and activist in the Preservation of Wild Life,  Art and Culture.  He is educated at Hartley's School, Calcutta, at Stewart School, Cuttack, at Rajkumar College, Raipur, at B.J.B. College, Bhubaneswar and at Utkal University (B.A., LL.B.). He has married to Rani Manoja Manjari Devi, eldest daughter of Raja Kirti Chandra Deo Harishchandra Jagadev of Surangi, and his wife, Rani Soubhagya Manjari Devi; she was also the adopted daughter of the Senior Rani Srimanta Manjari Devi, wife of Raja Kishore Chandra Deo Samanta of Athmalik; she was educated at St. Joseph’s Convent and Sailabala Women’s College, Cuttack and has a diploma in Interior Decoration and a Post Graduate Degree in Psychological Counselling. She is a Reiki Grandmaster (Reiki is a healing therapy recognized by the W.H.O. as an alternate therapy). She is the Director of Svadhyaya Foundation involved in Reiki teaching and practising. Their only son Yuvraj Janmejay Chandra Mardaraj Harichandan, born 25th May 1986; educated at Rajkumar College Raipur, at Delhi Public School, Ahmedabad and at Utkal University.

Royals Family



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