Puri Estate

PuriDynasty: Ganga Vanshi
Emblem:  Chhati and two elephants 
Area: 1528sq miles
Maharaja title: 1817
Ascended: 1956

Longitude: 19 degree 28 and 20degree 26 inch North and
Latitude: 84 degree 56’ and 86 degree 25’
District Boundary: North and North East by Cuttack,  South East and South by Bay of Bengal, West District of Ganjam, North West Nayagarh, Khandapara, & Ranapur*
Present Status: District HQ of Puri District
Distance from Bhubaneswar: 67 Km ( approx) on NH 316

The Palace

The present Puri Palace is popularly known as the Shri Nahara. It is situated on the Grand Road near Shrimandir. It is a white coloured single storied building with some old artifacts. The singhadwar of the palace is very attractive and opened for the entrance of scheduled visitors and guests. For the rituals of Shrimandir he was invited by the Sevayats through this gate.Puri

The palace complex also consists of a Rani Nahara connected with a very narrow pass with the Shrinahara. It is believed that Raja usually enters into Rani Mahal by this way. Now a major part of this building leased out for commercial purpose. Similarly a major part of the Shrinahara has been extended to commercial and residential purpose. The Grand Center market complex  and the Nilachal Bhakta Niwas- residential apartment were two instances.

The drawing room or Baithak Ghar of the palace is very sober and interesting. It carries some artifacts and old furniture's. It is a Marble floored and well furnished room with some portraits of former gajapatis and trophies of wild life. Some time the Raja opened it for tourist purposes but for his own guests only.

Royals Family



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