Puri Estate

PuriDynasty: Ganga Vanshi
Emblem:  Chhati and two elephants 
Area: 1528sq miles
Maharaja title: 1817
Ascended: 1956

Longitude: 19 degree 28 and 20degree 26 inch North and
Latitude: 84 degree 56’ and 86 degree 25’
District Boundary: North and North East by Cuttack,  South East and South by Bay of Bengal, West District of Ganjam, North West Nayagarh, Khandapara, & Ranapur*
Present Status: District HQ of Puri District
Distance from Bhubaneswar: 67 Km ( approx) on NH 316

Present Maharaja


Gajapati Maharaja Dibyasingha Deba-IV is a very eminent personality in Odisha. He always has shown interest in protecting the tradition of Jagannath temple and argued many times before the management & Govt for the protection of temple rituals  and tradition. He is also the hereditary chairman of the Shri jagannath temple Managing Committee.

1953 born Jenamani Kamarnaba Deba was entrusted as Gajapati Maharaja of Puri Dibyasingh Deba on the date 8th July 1970 after the  investiture ceremony held at Puri SriNahara ( Palace) . On 29th November 1971 his Bratopanayan utsav held at puri and he took oath before Jagannth to furnish his rituals in the Shrimandir  on the  Saree Bandha ceremony. This ritual is important to all Sevayats of Lord Jagannath who wish to take the assignment of furnishing the rituals as per tradition and  ecord of rites.

He was educated at Rajkumar College, St Stephen's College and Delhi University. He attended his LLM at North west University of Chicago. He has practiced at the Supreme Court of India and High Court under eminent advocates of India.

On 3rd December 1978 he married  Raj kumari Binita of Jammu Royal family. As per the tradition her name was also changed in Puri as Maharani Sahiba Leelabati Patamahadei. He has completed 3 Nabakalebar festivals till date. 

Royals Family



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