Sukinda Estate

SukindaDynasty: Surya Vamsha
Emblem: lion, gun
Area: 1463sq miles
Status: Estate till 1952
No. of Salute:

Longitude & latitude: 20.9667° N, 85.9167° E
Present Status: Block HQ
Distance from Bhubaneswar: 109 Km ( approx)

Titles and recognition
The title of Harichandan Mahapatra is offered by the Gajapati king of Puri named Raja Birkishore Dev to the 40th king Srikar Bhupati harichandan Mahapatra. Before him the Rajas of Sukinda were titled as Bhupati means the ruler of the land.

Origin and Folklore

We found an interesting story behind the establishment of the present palace of Sukinda Garh as folklore. This story encourages superstitions of slaughtering two people for identifying such a beautiful brave land of Sukinda.

One day two cow keepers witnessed a very rare occasion at this place where the present palace is standing upon. They saw an eagle is being chased by a dove and at last Eagle died. Aspiring for reward of gold coins these thwo brothers named Suka and Indu met the 40th King of Sukinda Srikara Bhupati who was ruling from Patabali Garh. The King was very much impressed by the narration and wanted to see the incident again. One day he came to the place and fortunately saw the same incident occurring again. Then the king invited the two brothers to the place discovered by them and cut their heads from the body as a reward. It is believed that, the king might have slaughtered those two brothers to prevent spreading of the information of this brave land.   Then he decided to shift the capital from Patabali to this place. Order of building the new palace was passed; but the King was no more to implement the same.

As a tradition, building of new palace was stopped by his next heir. Nandakishore Bhupati the grandson of Srikar and  43rd ruling chief of this Estate laid the foundation stone of building up of the new palace at Sukinda Garh. Influenced by the British officers the king directed to build a huge palace with contemporary architecture. So a two storied building with nearly 99 rooms was set up at Sukinda to uplift the status of the king at the British Court. 

Royals Family



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