Sukinda Estate

SukindaDynasty: Surya Vamsha
Emblem: lion, gun
Area: 1463sq miles
Status: Estate till 1952
No. of Salute:

Longitude & latitude: 20.9667° N, 85.9167° E
Present Status: Block HQ
Distance from Bhubaneswar: 109 Km ( approx)

Titles and recognition
The title of Harichandan Mahapatra is offered by the Gajapati king of Puri named Raja Birkishore Dev to the 40th king Srikar Bhupati harichandan Mahapatra. Before him the Rajas of Sukinda were titled as Bhupati means the ruler of the land.


This is a very old state and brings us back to the 8th century to explain its existence. Some predict that the foundation of this state was laid by a member of Bhoj dynasty named Yogendra Bhupati in 756 or 762 AD at Narahariprasad Garh. WW Dalziel in 1934 on his final report on the revision settlement of Orissa( 1922 -1932 AD), published by Superintendent Press, Patna sites the origin of Sukinda. He stated that before the establishment of Bhoja dynasty in the 8th century AD the region was occupied by tribal chieftains. Till 1932 the Khsatriya ruling has passed nearly 1168 years at Sukinda.

Yogendra Occupied Narahari prasad Garh as a Dowry on marrying Rani Chitrakala, daughter of the then Sabar tribe chief Krishna Chandra Dhir.

The chiefs of this land has always accepted the dominance of the King of Odisha from time to time. Even they have worshipped Lord Jagannath from the beginning. Some also believe that this ruling dynasty is a result of dispersion in the royal dynasties of Odisha.

In the year 1804 the British East India company issued an Agreement ( SANAND) to the Raja Dhrubajee or Dhananjay Bhuban Harichandan Mapapatra as the subordinate ruler of this area. On the other hand the ruler has to pay an tribute of 5500 Kahana kaudi or Rs. 1364 and 6 Annas. But this was not granted as a princely state but an estate or Killa like Aul, kujanga and Kanika etc. The Ruler is designated as the Zamindar of this estate. Till 1874 Police administration was with the hereditary ruler but after this year this was taken over by the British administration on the issuance of a fresh Sanand.

The estate fall in the rule of Courtof wards after the death of Raja Nandakishore Bhupati harichanda Mahapatra in 1873. The British administration took the administration under control as the Raja have no male issue to take over the administration and the adopted son was a minor. Till the adopted son from the Panchkote Raj family named raja Nityananda Bhupati harichandan Mahapatra attend the age of Major the administration was ruled by the English men directly. In the year 1883 Nityananda was given the Sanand to rule over Sukinda estate.

The 40th King Srikara Bhupati Harichandan Mahapatra shifted the capital to present Sukinda Garh. He ruled here for 50 years and 5 months. But the present Palace was built by 45th King Krutibas Bhupati Mahapatra and he ruled here for 48 years since 1895. He was popularly known as the Budharaja in Sukinda Estate. his Rani Padmabati a strong devotee of Lord Jagannath established a new temple in the name of Lord Jagannath in 1835. and also constructed Gundicha temple for the celebration of Car festival. Before this new temple, the lord was worshipped at a old temple constructed by Dhanurjay Bhupati.

Krutibas Bhupati and his wife Rani Padmavati established Raghunath jew and Gobindajew and Kajaldev Mahadev temple at Sukinda. he has 3 sons and 5 daughters. Yubraj Jagannath Singdeo at first married to the princess of Damapara but was issue less. so he married again to the princess of Dharakote Rani Satyabhama. From her womb 2 sons and 2 daughters were born and from among them Pitambar was ther elder and ascended the Gaadi in 1943 after the death of his grandfather Krutibas.

Raja Dhanurjay has also constructed a small temple inside the compound wall of Lord Jagannath at Puri in the name of Lord Gopinath. Now this temple at the western Gate of Lord Jagannath temple is popularly known as Sukinda temple is remembered as a token of relationship between the Gajapati kings of Puri and the rulers of Sukinda.

The title of Harichandan Mahapatra is offered by the Gajapati king of Puri named Raja Birkishore Dev to the 40th king Srikar Bhupati harichandan Mahapatra. Before him the Rajas of Sukinda were titled as Bhupati means the ruler of the land. The Estate was abolished on 27 November 1952 according to the Estate abolition act.

43rd Raja Nandakishore Bhupati Birabara harichandan Mahapatra established Nandakishore Jew idolat Gundichabadi and his wife rani Kamalapata Mahadei allotted 40 acre agriculture land in favor of Nandakishore for his daily rituals.

The 46th heir Raja Pitamber Bhupati Harichandan Mahapatra is considered as the modern architect of Sukinda. he was invested with ruling power in 1943 and is considered as the last ruler of this Estate. In 1948 after India's independent he established a High school at the capital in the name of his father Jagannath Bhupati as Jagannath High school. One dispensary was opened in 1915 during the rule of Raja Krutibas.

The total Area of this Killa was 337.55 Square miles. Out of this area only 18.16% of the land were considered as agriculture land in the year 1932. The total cultivable land was 21620.55 acre and non cultivable was 150744.66 acres. According to 1901 census the population of Sukinda Estate was 33554.

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