Sukinda Estate

SukindaDynasty: Surya Vamsha
Emblem: lion, gun
Area: 1463sq miles
Status: Estate till 1952
No. of Salute:

Longitude & latitude: 20.9667° N, 85.9167° E
Present Status: Block HQ
Distance from Bhubaneswar: 109 Km ( approx)

Titles and recognition
The title of Harichandan Mahapatra is offered by the Gajapati king of Puri named Raja Birkishore Dev to the 40th king Srikar Bhupati harichandan Mahapatra. Before him the Rajas of Sukinda were titled as Bhupati means the ruler of the land.

Present Raja

Raja Bhudev Bhupati Harichandan Mahapatra is the 47th celebrated King of this Sukinda Estate. During the ruling of his father PitamberBhupati Birabar Harichandan Mahapatra Sukinda Estate was abolished and the entire administration was amalgamated with the state of Odisha in 1952 as per the provision of estate abolition act. Bhudev Bhupati is a post graduate from Ravenshaw college cuttack and has ascended the Gaadi in 1980 at an age of 32 years. His date of Birth is 2nd feb 1948. He has 4 brothers and 4 sisters. Though he was reluctant in getting the ceremonial gaadi at the death of his father and wanted to participate in the funeral, observe the mourning, but he was debarred from it and forcibly investitured as the heir of this dynasty as a tradition in the month of December 1980. He has married to Rani Smruti Manjari Devi od Pallahara royal family and has 2 issues: 1 son and 1 daughter. His son Anil kumar Singhdeo now working at as iron ore mines managed by Tata steel and daughter Padmashree manjari devi married to Kendrapara Zamindar family.

Raja Bhudev vhupati with his family is staying at the traditional Royal palace of Sukinda estate.

Royals Family



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