Aul popularly known as ALI has a clear history of establishment. This Estate came to existence after the war between the Suryabanshis and Bhoi Banshis for the throne of Utkal at Cuttack. The ancestors of Aul raj family belonged to the last independent  Gajapati king of Odisha Raj Mukunda Deva.

Gajapati Mukunda Deva was a brave son of the soil and  ruled Odisha for a 16 years long period from 1559 to 1567. His ancestors had worked as the feudal chiefs under the Gajapati dynasty and before acquiring the throne Raja Mukunda Deba also had worked as one military chief to protect the southern Gajapati frontier.

During is tenure he fought bravely against the Afghan infiltrators and became popular among the people  by digging ponds and establishing new villages in different places of Puri. But to grab the power one of his  Ministers, Janarddan Bidyadhar started treachery against him and killed the Raja in the Fort of Gohira Tikiri.

The feared family of Telenga Mukunda Deba with two sons and the widow been seek asylum of  Emporer Akbar. Raja Maan Singh one of his powerful ministers was engaged to solve the matter of Odisha. He blessed the heirs of Gajapati Mukunda Deba  with an independent Killa, named Aul.


The Phirangi House used by the English to collect Revenue



Dynasty : Chalukya
Area : 347.73  sq miles
status : Zamindari

Emblem: Elephant

Founder: Raja Ramachandra Deba.

LastRuler: Chandrabhanu Deva



Longitude : 20 degree 68 ” North
Latitude : 86.65″
EState Boundary : situated in Cuttack district during estate time and now in Kendrapara District on the Bank of river Kharasrota.
Distance from Bhubaneswar: 115 Km ( approx)


Raja Braja Keshari Deba

Present Raja: Born 28th October 1969, Braj Keshari Debawas invested on 24th March 1988  as the chief of the royal family at Aul.   He has studied at  the famous Rajkumar College, Raipur, Delhi University, and Utkal  University. He  earned gold medal   1985 in shooting competition.  At present ge is actng as the  Hereditary Trustee for all the Temples and Endowments in Aul.  He Married to  Rani Hemantika Devi, younger daughter of Maharaj Dileep Singh Rathore of Jobat. His three daughters are Raj jkumari Padmakshi Devi, Rajkumari Ambujakshi Devi  and Rajkumari Kamakshi Devi.



Investiture ceremony of Raja BrajaSundar Deba




  1. Raja Telenga Ramachandra Deba- 1590
  2. Raja Nilakantha deba-I
  3. Raja Balabhadra Deba
  4. Raja Gopinath Deba-I
  5. Raja Trilochan Deba( owned 200 sailing vessels trade with Bombay, Burma, Borneo, Java and Sumatra
  6. Raja Kishori Deba
  7. Raja Nilakantha Deba-II ( constructed Laxmi Barah Temple Dadhi Bamanjew Temple, He introduced Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Karans for the first time in his state.
  8. Raja Gopinath Deba II ( during his rule Marathas invade Odisha. He received Maharaja of Aul title)
  9. RajaRamakrishna Deb ( during his rule British came to Odisha and he assisted General Harcourt and received acknowledge.)
  10. Raja Prataprudra Deb ( Opium Addict court of wards till 1847
  11. RajaPadmanabh Deba           1841-1888
  12. Raja Jadunath Deba 1888-1900 ( settled Jadukulo jew Temple married to Binod Pattamahadei of Panchkote WB)
  13. Raja Pitambar Deba 1900-1905 ( married to Swarna Manjari devi- daughter of Nilambar Chandra Deodeb of Bonai. He died in a steam motor boat accident on river Kharasrota.
  14. Raja Braja Sundar Deba 1905-1946( founded schools and sttled Aul Circus for earning revenue)
  15. Raja Chandrabhanu Deba 1946-1961( last Zamindar)
  16. Raja Banabihari Deba             1961-1967
  17. Raja Sarat kumar Deba 1967-1988
  18. Raja Braja keshari Deba 1988-till date
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