The Story of Athamallick Princely state begins here


Another Royal family belonging to Kadamba dynasty is seen at Athamallick, the then princely state of Odisha. With an approximate area of 711 Square miles, this state was annexed to Independent India on 1stJanuary 1948 during the rule of Raja Kishore Chandra Deo samant, king of Athamallick.

During statehood Athamallick was divided into 578 villages and Rs. 71000.00 was collected from this area as state revenue. In 1901 the total population of this state was 72755 only. It was a 19 gun salute state and this salute was offered to Raja Kishore Chandra in presence of British agents during his investiture ceremony.

Now it is known as a subdivision of Angul district. Pradip Chandra Deo Samant is investured as the 44thceremonial heir of the royal family and he is staying at the Kishore Mahal Palace with his son Paresh Chandra Deo Samant known as Yubraj, daughter in law Yubrani Shivangi Devi and grandson Kumar Biswaraj chandra Deo and Kumar Prithwiraj Chandra Deo.

Athamallick Rani Nibas


The Story 

The Origin of Athamallick brings us back to folklore and has similarity with some other princely states. Common belives states that One Pratap Dev has founded the state at the bank of River Mahanadi some centuries back. He belongs to the Rajput family of Jaipur and came to Puri to have blessings of Lord Jagannath with six of his brothers and a sister. But for some reason enmity was created with the ruler at Puri.  Even he lost four of his brothers at Puri during a war. So he left the place immediately and proceeded by hiding himself. At   Bonai he felt safety and settled there. He got her sister married to a member of Royal family of Keonjhar. But some days later his sister’s husband was murdered. Searching a safe passage Pratap dev left for Boudh and settled his nephew as the King of Boudh.

Then he himself came to this small area and established a disciplined ruling by gathering 8 Mallicks or villages and named it as Athamallick. Previously these 8 Mallicks were ruled by small rulers of this region and Pratap Dev defeated them. In his name we found a village Pratappur near the bank of Mahanadi. It is considered that these chieftains of eight mallicks have  investitured Pratap Dev on a stone. A stone in this locality of Pratap pur was seen named as Pagabandha Stone or the first Gaadi of the king.

Raja Kishore chandra Deo Samant, Athamallick

The first capital city of this state is observed to be settled at Handaparoad on the Cuttack Sambalpur Road and as per the need of the hour the capital was shifted to Thakurgarh, Nuagarh, puruna Garh and to the Kaintaragarh as the last capital till the accession.

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