Rani JanakiRathnayamarjee: The Real Protector of Gangpur Royal Family

Rani JanakiRathnayamarjee

Bhabanishankar’s death has turned the Gangpur administration to a new direction. Queen Janakirathnayamarjee assumed the charge of the state as the Regent Rani sahiba. She was a learned woman with wide vision and determination. She belonged to the royal family of,    Kurupam, situate in Modern Visakhapatanam of Andhra Pradesh.  Her father was Raja Vyiricharia Virbhadra Raju Bahadur Garu and mother was Rani Sahiba Narasayamma Patta Mahadevi Garu.

During the study at Mayo College of Ajmer  Bhabanishankar visited the city and fell in love with Janakirathnayamarjee. Then they got married and settled at Gangpur. After assuming power she devoted her time to reconstruct Gangpur. First of all she requested the British Govt. to appoint one talented officer as Diwan for her state. With her request Khan Bahadur Abdul Khan was appointed as the Diwan replacing HD Christian.

She established modern systems for collecting revenue and extending developmental administration. With a new mind and broad ideas she started imparting English Education in the state and involving people in the administration. So a new council building was made aside the main palace in 1944.

Old GangPur Palace

She acted as the president of the council and to help her in administration two ministers were nominated from among the Prajas. This may be due to the pressure raised by the British Rulers on the princely states to suppress the people’s agitation at different parts.  Now this council building was sold to some third party and not in the possession of the Royal family.

Different departments were made during her period. About 7 UP schools and 19 LP schools were established. Jail, police, court buildings were built during her period. When the 2nd world war was broke out Rani Janakiratna helped the British force both by money and manpower. She has donated 20 thousand rupees to Imperial Relief Fund. Respecting the request of the English administration she bought war bonds and also sent soldiers to France.


The British officers were impressed by her skill of administration and awarded her with prestigious  CEB title in1945. At that time she staged her son Udit Pratap Sekhar Deo was the ruler. He was the last ruler and signed the merger treaty with India.

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