When Gajapati Maharaja Pratap Rudra Deba died in 1540 his minister played foul and started conspiracy against Kalua Deva Allias Ramachandra Deva-I and Kakharua Deva allias Purusottama Deva-II, the two legal sons of Gajapati maharaja. They were killed by him in 1541.


After this incident, Minister Gobinda Bidyadhar acquired the throne at Cuttack and ruled till 1548. In the mean time Gobinda’s nephew Raghubhanja Chhotray created chaos and attacked Gobinda to get the throne but could not succeeded. during this period Utkal was threatened by the Afghans of Bengal also. Chakra Pratap became the King from 1548 to 1557 and after Chakra Pratap,  Raghuram Jena and Narasingha Jena ruled Utkal till 1559.

The Entrance gate of Aul Palace from the River

In 1559 Mukundra Deva the Army chief of Gajapati ascended the throne and started his reigning in the name of Gajapati Tailenga Mukunda Deva as a heir of Chalukya Dynasty.


He fought bravely against the Afghans and became popular by digging ponds and establishing new villages in different places of Puri. But the Minister named Janarddan Bidyadhar started treachery against him.

looking forward to the throne of Gajapati, Janardan made friendship with the Afghans and dethroned Mukunda Deva by killing him in the Gohira Tikiri Fort. Janarddan made his son investiture on the Gajapati’s throne in the name of Ramachandra Deva-II

The Aul Palace

The wife of Mukunda Deba ran away with some of the king’s followers and her two kids Rama Chandra Deba and Chakadi Bhramarbar. They approached the Mughal emperor at Delhi but couldn’t succeeded.Mahanubhab SamaratAkbar sent two Hindu kings Todar Mall and Raja Maan Singh from his Durbar to Puri to look into the matter and have a solution. Janarddan tried much to establish Ramachandra Deba-II as the real Gajapati of Odisha. During the Chandan Yatra time Raja Maan Singh entitled Ramachandra Deba-II as the real Gajapati and offered him the Gaddi Prasad. On the other hand he divided Utkal into three parts between Ramachandra Deba-II and other two brothers.


Telenga Ramachandra Deva got Aul killa as his new Kingdom and    Chhakadi Bhramarbar got Patia with Sarangagad fort. From that day Aul came to the front and prospered with Talenga Ramachandra Deba but always cheeked the Gajapati rule in Odisha. History says that they were always supported the external forces and tried to save their state and never cooperated with the Gajapati and his allies. Folk tale says something older in its story.


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