Who ruled Athamallick: know here the then Kings

The Princely state of Athamallick was ruled by brave kings from the Kadamba dynasty till 1st January 1948.  It was last ruled by Raja Kishore Chandra Deo samant, the 41st King of this dynasty and in his period the state was annexed to Union of India. The British Govt has recognised Raja Kishore Chandra and offered his the dignity of 19 Gun Salute status.

Pradip Chandra Deo Samant was invested is the present ceremonial heir of this dynasty.  He is staying at the Kishore Mahal Palace with his son Paresh Chandra Deo Samant known as Yubraj, daughter in law Yubrani Shivangi Devi and grandson Kumar Biswaraj chandra Deo and Kumar Prithwiraj Chandra Deo.

During state time,  Athamallick was constituted with an area of 711 Square Kilometre and was divided into 578 villages. Rs. 71000.00 was collected as state revenue. In the year 1901 the total population of this state was 72755 only.

Let’s have a glimpse on the kings of Athamallick, princely state.

Raja Surajmani Deo Samant
  1. Hari Deo
  2. Narayan Deo
  3. Krushna Chandra Deo
  4. Ramachandra Deo
  5. Gopinath Deo
  6. Krushnachandra Deo Samant
  7. Dasarathi Deo Samant
  8. Laxman Deo Samant
  9. Gatichandra Deo Samant
  10. Somanath Deo Samant
  11. Jagannath Deo Samant
  12. Sambhunath Deo Samant
  13. Sriramchandar Deo Samant
  14. Gopinath Deo Samant
  15. Purandar Deo Samant
  16. Binayak Deo Samant
  17. Gadadhar Deo Samant
  18. Padmanav Deo Samant
  19. Bhimadeo Deo Samant
  20. Satyabadi Deo Samant
  21. Harihar Deo Samant
  22. Bhagirathi Deo Samant
  23. Chhaila Deo Samant
  24. Bimbadhar Deo Samant
  25. Haladhar Deo Samant
  26. Madan Deo Samant
  27. Ram Deo Samant
  28. Raghunath Deo Samant
  29. Gadadhar Deo Samant
  30. Iccha Deo Samant
  31. Bichha Deo Samant
  32. Giridhari Deo Samant
  33. Madan Deo Samant
  34. Sridhar Deo Samant
  35. Chhatrabar Deo Samant
  36. Laxmidhar Deo Samant
  37. Ramachandra Deo Samant
  38. Jogindra Deo Samant
  39. Mahendra Deo Samant
  40. Bibhudhendra Deo Samant
  41. Kishorechandra Deo Samant
  42. Surajmani Deo Samant
  43. Pradeep Chandar Deo Samant

Titles and recognition

In 1874 raja Jogendra Deo Samant was recognised and titled as the Raja of Athamallick by the British in the Sanand. So he is the first Raja according to the British History and recognition.

11thJan 1890: Ram Mahendra Deo Samanta was conferred with the Title of Maharaja for his personal distinction.

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