The Royal Emblem inside the Durbar Hall

Parala khemundi is named after a fort chief Prabala khemunda, opines one historian Dandapani Behera. The Parala khemundi Zamindary printed in 1890 says, the name derived from a shape of coral. As the country in shape, looks like the head of a coral or prabala. And the due course of time Pravala changes to Parala and the name came after it.

The colours and trophies are still recalling the stories of Gajapati Dynasty in The Durbar Hall of Parlakhemundi Palace

If we consider the Kalahambir school of thought then Gajapati rule in  Parla khemundi bears stories of less than  600 years but if second school of thought is taken into consideration then it has not less than one thousand years of history and logics.

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